40 Minutes
5 Minutes
Hotel Safety and Security Briefing
5 Minutes
Welcome Remarks

Mr. Pornthape Thunyapongchai, Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand

20 Minutes
Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speech

General Nattipon Kanokchot, Advisor to the Minister of Energy

5 Minutes
VIP Photo Session
30 Minutes
Coffee Break and Networking

Session 1: A New Age of Energy Regulation: Moving Towards Smart Regulation

30 Minutes
  • Energy regulators' outlook and policy towards smart regulation: From Energy 4.0 to ERC 4.0 (Smart Regulation)
  • RE policy and trends in the next 20 years: Experiences, targets and challenges
  • ERC's roles to the new age of energy regulation: A key to smart regulation in a digital paradigm

Speaker : Mr. Viraphol Jirapraditkul, Commissioner of the Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand

Download : Presentation Mr. Viraphol Jirapraditkul

Session 2: Renewable Hybrid: Combined Energy Sources and Experience Sharing

45 Minutes
  • Overview on RE Hybrid Firm
  • Green based and potential for RE Hybrid (Firm)
  • Emerging Technologies for RE hybrid and trends
  • RE Hybrid: Implementation & possibilities
  • Way forward

Speaker : Prof. Dr. Kurt Rohrig, Deputy Director of Division Director Energy Economy and Grid Operation, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES, Energy System Technology branch of the institute, Germany

Download : Interpretive Summary Prof. Dr. Kurt Rohrig

Download : Presentation Prof. Dr. Kurt Rohrig

Session 3: "Smart Grid" Development and Demand Response

45 Minutes
  • Smart Grid and Smart City: Policies and Roadmap
  • Smart Grid leading to Smart City
  • Smart City and Demand Response

Speaker : Mr. David Lane, CLEARenergy Limited, Bristol, U.K.

Download : Interpretive Summary Mr. David Lane

Download : Presentation Mr. David Lane

90 Minutes

Session 4: EV's Outlook in the Asia-Pacific Region: Policy, Best Practices,
Experience Sharing, and Future Market Trends (A Panel Discussion)

30 Minutes
ERC's Outlook on EV: Policy, Regulations, Standards, and Challenges on EV
  • ERC's role as a key player to regulate EV charging station and setting standard
  • EV business model and charging standard
  • EV Tariffs models
  • Way forward

Speaker : Dr. Prasit Siritiprussamee, Director of Engineering and Regulatory R&D Department, the Office of Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand

Download : Presentation Dr. Prasit Siritiprussamee

20 Minutes
EV Implementation: Experience Sharing from Japan
  • Facts and Figures about EVs in Japan
  • Objectives and targets
  • Overview of EVs Implementation and Efforts
  • Policy Measures: Taxes on EVs, Subsidy schemes, and R&D project
  • Best practice in Japan and Way forward

Speaker : Mr. Zuioh Ashihara, Deputy Director, Automobile Division Manufacturing Industries Bureau Electric Vehicle and Advanced Technology Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan

Download : Presentation Mr. Zuioh Ashihara

30 Minutes
EV Development: Charging Station, Storage, Technology, and Future Plan
  • Overview of EV in Thailand
  • Concept of electric network charging station by Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and the idea of "Vehicle to Grid" model
  • EV technologies: Charging hub and EV storage technologies
  • R&D for EV and related infrastructures.

Speaker : Mr. Kirapat Jiamset, Deputy Governor (Technology and Material Management), Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), Thailand

Download : Presentation Mr. Kirapat Jiamset

20 Minutes
Experience Sharing and Future Market Trends by Nissan Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.
  • EV's Experience Sharing: Opportunities, challenges, and best practices
  • Future Market Trends and way Forward for "Go Green" in EV Business

Speaker : Mrs. Piengjai Keawsuwan, Vice President-Government Relations, Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Download : Presentation Mrs. Piengjai Keawsuwan

20 Minutes
Business Trend: Opportunities and Challenges and Way Forward for "Go Green" in EV Business in Thailand
  • EV Market: Global Market Share, Trends, and Demand
  • Opportunities, challenges, development, and business trends for "Go Green" in EV business in Thailand

Speaker : Dr. Montira Watcharasukarn, Committee of Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand (EVAT), Thailand

Download : Presentation Dr. Montira Watcharasukarn

25 Minutes
Q&A Session

Moderator : Dr. Weerawat Chantanakome, Counselor on International Energy Affair, Ministry of Energy, Thailand
Remark: Moderator will manage Q&A and summary for 5 minutes of each session.

5 Minutes
Closing Speech

Mr. Kraisi Karnasuta, Commissioner of the Energy Regulatory Commission

30 Minutes
Coffee Break and Networking
16:30 End of Conference