ERC Regulatory Forum V

ERC Regulatory Forum V, "Regional Energy Alliance: Regulators' Insights และ The 1st AERN Capacity Building", 1-2 October 2015

1. SESSION I : Regional Integration Paradigm and Regional Trade Agreement Model

  • Efficiently integrate regionally dispersed electricity generation
  • Pricing the provision of transmission assets
  • The use of marginal locational prices

2. SESSION II : Regional Integration in ASEAN

  • HAPUA & Progress Power Trade& Energy Outlook in ASEAN
  • ASEAN Power Grid & AERN
  • Lao PDR, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore- Power Integration Project (LTMS: PIP)

3. SESSION III : Cross-border Trade Experience Sharing & Regional Regulatory Development (EU and Mediterranean)

  • Harmonization of rules in the European Electricity and Gas market
  • Regulating Regional Grid Interconnection
  • Report on infrastructure investments and the role independent regulators can play to foster cross-border investment

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